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Rosanna Pansino Height Age Weight

Rosanna Pansino’s has had an interesting career so far. Exlpore her biography, facts, and body statistics below!

The American YouTube Personality, actress, author and baker, Rosanna Pansino was born on June 8, 1985. Widely recognized for her cooking series “Nerdy Nummies” on YouTube, she first started her YouTube channel after being encouraged by some friends who really liked her cooking. Nerdy Nummies has become one of the most popular shows on YouTube, earning Rosanna’s channel millions of subscribers. Seeing her online popularity, Pansino has gone on to publish her own cookbooks and sell her own line of baking supplies as well. Apart from all this work, she has transitioned into acting too and has made guest appearances in different television series so far. While when it comes to her dating life, Rosanna Pansino has publicly dated actor Josh Sussman and then commentator Mike Lamond.

Rosanna has been in a steady relationship with her long-time boyfriend Mike Lamond, who also helped her in the setting up of her YouTube channel.

Rosanna Pansino Age

How old is Rosanna Pansino? She was born in 1985, she is 38 years old.

Rosanna Pansino Height & Weight

How tall is Rosanna Pansino? She stands 4 feet 9 inches (147 cm) tall.

What is Rosanna Pansino's weight? She weighs 119 lbs (54 kg).

Rosanna Pansino Wiki

Rosanna Pansino Wiki/Bio
Famous asYoutuber
Age38 years old
BirthdayJune 8, 1985
BirthplaceSeattle, WA
Zodiac SignGemini
Heightapprox. 4 ft 9 in (147 cm)
Weightapprox. 119 lbs (54 kg)
Net Worth$9 Million

Quotes by Rosanna Pansino

"Inspiration for my 'Nerdy Nummies' videos comes from all over. Many of the ideas originate from the games, comics or movies I'm excited about. My family is really creative as well and are constantly sending me their thoughts."

Rosanna Pansino Height Age WeightRosanna Pansino

"A good joke can spread throughout the Internet between the time you go to bed and the time you wake up, leading to an inbox filled with pictures of funny cats and cheeseburgers."

Rosanna Pansino Height Age WeightRosanna Pansino

"Just to see if I liked vlogging, I uploaded a video of my sister and I cleaning up a river in a canoe for Earth Day. The sound was horrible, and the quality was horrible... But you have to blog what's interesting to you and not care what anyone thinks."

Rosanna Pansino Height Age WeightRosanna Pansino

"I think my channel has a Disney-esque vibe. It's a friendly place."

Rosanna Pansino Height Age WeightRosanna Pansino

"I never focus on success; I only focus on listening to my online community and being consistent."

Rosanna Pansino Height Age WeightRosanna Pansino