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Peter Cushing

He appeared in several horror films and was in Lawrence Olivier’s Hamlet. As a Hammer Film actor, he portrayed Baron Frankenstein, Dr. Van Helsing, and Sherlock Holmes.

His first job was as a surveyor’s assistant in Surrey, England.

He appeared in Star Wars and portrayed The Doctor in Dr. Who films in 1965 & 1966.

He married actress Helen Beck in 1943. Their marriage lasted until her death in 1970.

He became best friends with Christopher Lee.

Peter Cushing Age

How old is Peter Cushing? He was born in 1913, he was 110 years old at the time of his death.

Peter Cushing Height & Weight

How tall was Peter Cushing? He stood 5 feet 12 inches (182 cm) tall.

No weight data is available right now.

Peter Cushing Wiki

Peter Cushing Wiki/Bio
Famous asMovie Actor
Age110 years old
BirthdayMay 26, 1913
BirthplaceSurrey, England
Date of DeathAugust 11, 1994
Zodiac SignGemini
Heightapprox. 5 ft 12 in (182 cm)

Quotes by Peter Cushing

You see I don’t like to be really too commercial about things but in this business you’ve just got to be commercial otherwise the films don’t make money and you don’t make films and as a long as a commodity is selling it’s silly to kill it dead.

— Peter Cushing

There are all sorts of reasons why I don’t do much work in the theatre, the main one being that after two performances I feel I’ve given all I can. I hate repetition, I really do. It’s like asking a painter to paint he same picture every day of his life.

— Peter Cushing

I’m always glad to be offered roles, but wouldn’t take any role as this could do you more harm than good, but I’ve been at what they call ‘on the top’ as far as being known for twenty years.

— Peter Cushing

I hope this doesn’t sound pompous but I don’t think of myself as famous, whatever fame I’ve got has come through what I’ve done and associations of things I’ve done.

— Peter Cushing

Today’s youth cannot miss something they have never known, but I fear that there are no current fictional characters whose impact and influence will last with such abiding affection into their ‘sore and yellow’ as this splendid man’s creations have in mine!

— Peter Cushing