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American film director and writer who directed his first feature film Chronicle in 2012.

He started working on the Spike TV drama The Kill Point as a director, editor, and writer in 2007.

He was confirmed to direct the Fox film The Fantastic Four in 2012, which was set for a 2015 release.

He grew up with his family in Los Angeles, California.

He edited the 2009 independent film Big Fan starring Patton Oswalt.

Josh Trank Age

How old is Josh Trank? He was born in 1984, he is 39 years old.

Josh Trank Height & Weight

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Josh Trank Wiki

Josh Trank Wiki/Bio
Famous asDirector
Age39 years old
BirthdayFebruary 19, 1984
Zodiac SignPisces

Quotes by Josh Trank

There are as many great superhero movies as there are comedies and dramas and cartoons. People just want to see good movies.

— Josh Trank

Nobody starts out evil – we know that. It’s life circumstances that lead them to that.

— Josh Trank

You can’t have the word ‘fantasy’ or ‘fantastical’ without a contrast. It has to stem from a grounded experience.

— Josh Trank

I was made fun of by a lot of other kids in such a way that I didn’t feel like I was human.

— Josh Trank

I ended up losing weight and going through a lot of stuff, but yeah, that is so much of my life and my past. I’m glad that I went through that because I don’t think I would be where I am now if I hadn’t gone through it. It spills over in most of my love for movies and being alone.

— Josh Trank