Andre the Giant (Wrestler) Wiki, Age, Height, Weight

Andre the Giant

Wrestling icon who stood 7’4″ and weighed in at 525 lbs, and was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame. He was a WWF Champion and a WWF World Tag Team Champion, and due to his stature, people regarded him as The Eighth Wonder of the World.

Born with acromegaly, he worked as a woodworker and a farmer before going to Paris to learn professional wrestling.

Mike Graham and Dusty Rhodes confirmed that he once drank 156, 16-US-fluid-ounce beers in one sitting, and was henceforth dubbed the Greatest Drunk on Earth.

His daughter, Robin Christensen Roussimoff, was born in 1979.

He appeared alongside Cary Elwes in the 1987 film The Princess Bride. 

Andre the Giant Age

How old is Andre the Giant? He was born in 1946, he was 77 years old at the time of his death.

Andre the Giant Height & Weight

How tall was Andre the Giant? He stood 7 feet 4 inches (224 cm) tall.

What is Andre the Giant's weight? He weighs 520 lbs (236 kg).

Andre the Giant Wiki

Andre the Giant Wiki/Bio
Famous asWrestler
Age77 years old
BirthdayMay 19, 1946
BirthplaceGrenoble, France
Date of DeathJanuary 27, 1993
Zodiac SignTaurus
Heightapprox. 7 ft 4 in (224 cm)
Weightapprox. 520 lbs (236 kg)

Quotes by Andre the Giant

I am not supernatural. I’m just myself.

— Andre the Giant

I know I have eaten more good food, drunk more beer and fine wine, had more friends, and seen more of the world than most men ever will.

— Andre the Giant

I use what God gave me.

— Andre the Giant

Often when I go to home of people who have small children, the children will run from me, even though they have seen me on television. I understand why they do this but it is a sad feeling for me, even so.

— Andre the Giant

I like my opponents the way I like my steaks – in bunches.

— Andre the Giant